I am an overworked and underappreciated single mom, a wanna be rock star, and a dreamer. When I’m not being dragged in six different directions, in my spare time I write contemporary romance short stories and novels.

My favorite kinds ofbampw-black-amp-white-black-and-white-book-cup-favim-com-244377 books are the ones in which I completely lose myself in the enchantment and joy of a love story. The characters don’t have to be perfect or good looking or even honest. They just have to be real.

This blog, as well as my life itself, is a constant work in progress.  Please be patient with me.   I am working hard at getting this site finished!  Updates coming soon with exciting information about the release date of “Finally”, as well as some other goodies I have on the burner.

For the time being, I can be contacted at ccclarkwriter@gmail.com.  I would love to hear from you!