Happy Sunday…

It’s a gorgeous Sunday morning here, and while I should be outside getting the last of the Fall yard work completed, I sit here in front of my laptop, drowning myself in coffee and procrastination.  Procrastination is way more fun.  The leaves can wait another day

Before you cluck your tongue and tell me to get up off my ass, know that I am also working.  I have found that I often come up with somtumblr_nu9a11xw1q1tdka29o1_1280e really interesting ideas for new chapters of Canaan’s Promise while I am in situations where I cannot stop and write it down.  I tried asking Siri to transfer my thoughts to the Notepad on my phone, but it never comes out right.  Am I missing something on the iPhone?  Is there an easier way to just talk into the phone and have my ideas jotted down for me somewhere?  At this moment I am researching to see if there are any apps or programs I can use. If you know if any, please clue me in. I’d be grateful for the advice and heads up.

I will be spending the latter part of today with family and am really looking forward to that.  Hugging my mom and getting sweet kisses from my 2 year old niece is just what I need right now.  Well, that and someone to bag my leaves.

I wish you all a beautiful day.



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