Stop the World – I’m Sick!

I came down withe the flu this weekend.  Make that “THE FLU”.  In CAPS.  As in, “I was really really really really SICK”.  So sick, I put EVERYTHING ELSE on hold for four entire days.  My job.  My family’s needs.  My writing.  EVERYTHING.

You have to understand that this is not like me.  I am the mom who would cook for her kids and their friends with a temperature of 101 simply because they asked.  I am the daughter who would drive to my parents’ house with a sprained ankle just to get their mail while they were on vacation because I promised them I would.  I am the employee who never calls out sick, and shows up with a box of tissues and cold meds in hand, ready to face the day no matter how awful I feel.

In other words, I don’t allow myself time to recuperate or rest from illnesses or injuries.  I just keep plugging.  Yeah, I’m that kind of idiot.

But this weekend I came down with what I thought was a cold, and it only got worse from there.  By Monday I was headed for Urgent Care.  Tuesday I was still in bed.  It was pretty awful.  And you know what I did?

Absolutely nothing.  It was so unlike me.  And it left everyone around me scratching their heads.  But no one complained.  And no one begrudged me the time I needed to get better.  In fact, a few people mentioned how they were happy to see that I had finally taken the time to rest.  And I do feel better today finally, after hacking up a lung for four days straight.  The time I took off from the world around me allowed me to get back on my feet, but even better than that was what I learned from the experience…

They all survived without me for a few days.  Amazing!  My kids didn’t starve.  They figured out how to fend for themselves for a few days.  They even did their own laundry!  The company I work for didn’t close up and file bankruptcy because I was out of touch for 48 hours.  And my writing?  Well, OK…so I’m a little behind on that now.  But it did give me the opportunity to share this blog.  Hello, Bright Side!

So I guess the world didn’t stop turning just because I did for a few days.  Life goes on. Someone hand me my Nyquil.


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