Someday I will have the opportunity and the guts to tell you this.  And hopefully you will understand that I did not take the easy way out – that there was nothing at all easy about walking away.

But I am all the better for it.


Running on Empty

I  have hit a brick wall with my writing as of late.  I just can’t find the creative flow needed to take my characters anywhere interesting at the moment.  I am working on two separate projects at the same time, a novel I hope to self-publish, and also a story on Wattpad.  I am editing my book and rearranging a few timelines, so not feeling creative isn’t as much of an issue with this project at the momwritingent as it is with my Wattpad story.  But either way, I feel like I am flat out of gas.

I thought it would be helpful to take time away from my writing and catch up on my reading.  Writers must read!  My Kindle is loaded with some new stuff by a few of my favorite authors, and I have been neglecting myself by not taking the opportunity to read more.  But even reading isn’t doing it for me.  Reading just brings about more reading, which, in the end, means I am not writing.  Hello, Square One.  We meet again.

Part of the problem is that I am distracted.  My job is at its busiest right now, and with the holidays coming up, my head is spinning.  On really crazy days I dream about having a full weekend to just sit in my chair and do nothing else but focus on writing.  However, on the rare occasion that opportunity arises, I spend a few hours staring at a blank screen, then decide it’s lunch time, nap time, or time to clean my closets – whatever helps me not feel so guilty about not writing.

I can’t wait for the day when my current writing projects are completed and my closets are overflowing again.