Ideas, Ideas, Ideas

She’s baaaack!

I feel like my head is exploding with all these new story ideas! I can’t get them out on paper fast enough!  I spent all last night writing, and throughout the day today at my “other job” (the one that pays….for now), I would scribble down a few lines, or a plot twist or whatever was occupying my brain at that moment.  All day long I was shoving notes scribbled on envelopes, post-its, and copy paper into my purse to bring home later.

It’s crazy how this came on so suddenly.  I was in a writing drought for so long.  But now, I am re-editing Canaan’s Promise, changing a major part of my novel that had been a thorn in my side, and I have even written down a few ideas for a new story.  But more on the that at a much later date.  I have my hands full at the moment.  Baby steps.

I am happiest when I am creative.  Writing is my life, my love, and what fuels my spirit.  THIS FEELS GREAT!


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