The “A-Ha Moment”

I love words.  I could be in a restaurant, or standing in line at the bank, and during the course of an overheard conversation (because I am, by all accounts, an eavesdropper) a word will be spoken that sticks with me all day.  Or, I will be reading a book or a magazine article and a phrase or sentence will catch my eye that I will remember for weeks.

If I am lucky, once in a while, those words will inspire me.  They will give me a hint as to where my characters choose to go next;  which road they want their lives to take.  Just a few simple words I picked up days or months prior will plant the seeds for my next story, my next chapter, my next sentence.  Sometimes those words create a completely different storyline than I had planned on.  But that’s ok.  Because the words inspire.  They create.  They give life to more even words and more stories.  Those are what I call my “A-Ha Moments”.  As in, “A-Ha!  I know exactly what to do with that!”

I once wrote an entire scene based on an unexpected (and infuriating) call I received from an ex-boyfriend. (Beware, Friends and Family.  You, too, may find something familiar in my work!).  I couldn’t shake one particular part of what he told me and ended up not only using it in the story but completely altering my original outline of the story.  It was the words he used, and the feeling they conveyed that made me change the course of the storyline.  A-Ha!

Right now I am finishing up another chapter of Canaan’s Promise.  I hope to have plenty more A-Ha moments to share with you there.  In the meantime, I will be listening!

Have a great weekend!


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